If you have a Lot of Money, Here’s Where You Should Travel To

There are times when a journey is largely about the final destination. Secluded bungalows along the beach, retreats in glamorous mountains, and escapes to unspoiled, remote landscapes provide extraordinary experiences. And, there are many places that provide amazing experiences to every traveler. However, traveling to such destinations is not cheap. Basically, these are the places where the wealthiest in the world go to unwind and relax.

Laucala Island

Laucala Island is a treasure that is located in the South Pacific. It is set amidst 3,500 acres of natural turquoise lagoons. It’s characterized by lush green mountains and powder-sand beaches. The island has lavish villas that mimic the traditional look of Fijian homes with natural materials, thatched roofs, and private gardens that are lit by the tiki torches. The villas have personal chefs, infinity pools, golf buggy, and hot tubs among other modern luxuries. This is definitely the place to travel to when money is not an issue. I have a friend with a photography company (www.photoboothwinnipeg.com) who recently photographed a destination wedding in Laucala Island and said it was the most gorgeous place he’s ever been.

Pikaia Lodge

Located in Ecuador, Pikaia Lodge is a perfect luxurious travel destination for the physically active, environmentally conscious and adventurous travellers. It is located centrally to enhance access to different islands. Travellers get a chance to dine at the restaurants or wonder around while viewing giant tortoises and marine animals.

Northern Island

This is a private island resort in Seychelles with 11 villas only. It enables you to go to the farthest place possible, away from the world. It is an exclusive resort that measures 8,000 square feet. It’s characterized by coconut groves, wooden decks, and private entrances to beaches in secluded places.

Whether you recently inherited a mega fortune, won a lottery, or just feel like spending your savings on a special trip, these are some of the places to consider traveling to. You can go there alone or with a loved one and you will enjoy a truly unforgettable experience.