Most Underrated Travel Destinations in the World

Ask any traveler about their best travel experience and they will most likely recall a trip to a less traveled path. Most travelers want to tour destinations that most people are yet to know about. Underrated travel destinations can offer short lines and lower prices. They can also provide the thrill of traveling to relatively undiscovered and less developed places. Here are some of the most underrated traveled destinations in the world.

Bergen, Norway

Oslo, the capital of Norwegian, overshadows this travel destination. But, Bergen is the second-largest city in the country with a lot to offer travelers. It boasts of vibrant buildings dotting the UNESCO World Heritage Site and a historic harbor district, Bryggen. It also provides amazing views from the Floyen Mountain. This mountain can be accessed by funicular. It also has amazing beauty and charm. Bergen is a great underrated travel destination for fans of watersports. Visitors kayak and raft through the famous fjords in Norway.


This underrated travel destination is located north of the Mediterranean Greece. It boasts of many sunny beaches and snow-capped mountains. Until 1991, Albania was controlled by the communists. However, the country has since become what some people describe as the unspoiled version of Eastern Europe in the Almalfi Coast. Sarande or Saranda is a famous Albanian Riviera’s resort. It’s a famous attraction in Albania due to its beaches and archaeological ruins. It’s also a UNESCO World Heritage Site dating back to the pre-historic times.


This overseas British territory has been ranked as a Caribbean Island that features the best beaches. It has an embargo on casinos, cruise ships, and high-rise hotels. This is a great, underrated travel destination. Among the best beaches on the Caribbean Island is the Shoal Bay. This is possibly the best world-over with turquois water and white powder sand. It presents a beautiful and peaceful place where every travel would love to go. Every beach on Anguilla is beautiful. However, Shoal Bay beach is the best.

Valparaiso, Chile

This is a colorful, underrated travel destination in Chile. People know it for eye-catching graffiti and street art. It’s also popular for its rainbow houses that dot the steep roads. Pablo Neruda, a Nobel Prize Winner and a poet, owns one of these houses. You can also hop aboard the Valparaiso’s funiculars. These offer a completely new perspective on the city’s maze-like geography.

Andaman and Nicobar

There are many coastal towns in India. However, the country has governed a group in the tropical island comprising over 600 Bay of Bengal islands. You may find luxury amenities in some developed islands here. However, some of them are remote and peaceful. These are perfect underrated travel destinations for camping or relaxing. Andaman and Nicobar have the only volcano that is active in India. The destination is located miles away from the beachfront. It is a perfect tourist destination for snorkeling and watersports. The destination provides many wildlife sporting chances at nature reserves and in the wild.

Popular travel destinations are more commercialized and crowded. If these are the opposite of what you are looking for, consider the most underrated travel destinations in the world. A look into a few of these uncommon locations had one of our sponsors ready to plan their next vacation! Visit one of our many blog supporters at for quality service.