How to Manage Long & Multiple Flights

When flying long distances for several hours, you look for the most direct route to your final destination. You also look for a route that involves minimal stops. However, there are times when you don’t have an option. That’s when you must endure the nuisances of long and multiple flights. Fortunately, there are ways to manage long and multiple flights.

Book Tickets Early

This is a must for anyone traveling for long hours or taking multiple flights. When you book your flights early, you get a chance to select your favorite seats. This enhances your comfort throughout the flights. And, if you do not consider any seat your favorite, choose the back seat. Back seats are noisier but you stand a better chance to end up with an empty seat behind you.

Avoid Family Routes

There are times when you don’t have an option. However, if it is possible to avoid family routes, do so. This enables you to avoid the trouble of having a parent with a troublesome child near you.

Wear Comfortable Clothing

Wear something like jersey dress or sweater dress while going on long and multiple flights instead of schlub-like dressing. Such clothing feels more comfortable. You can pack it with socks, slip-off shoes, and leggings. For stylish males, wrinkle-resistant, button-down shirts, loafers, and trousers are better. Avoid constricting clothing like skinny jeans and rigid blazers.

Drink Water in Plenty

This means going to the plane bathroom more often. However, you can easily be dehydrated while flying for long hours. Therefore, drink more water before you start your flights. Also drink more water during the traveling day and during the flights. Essentially, carry a water bottle aboard.

Request Special Meals

This is the simplest way to make a long flight tolerable. What’s more, most airlines offer free meals. Standard meals in most airlines are heavy on carbs.

They also lack fibre that keeps the digestive system in proper condition. To avoid constipation and other digestive problems, request for special meals like gluten-free and vegan meals. Also pack fibre-rich foods that include fresh fruits and raw almonds.


Stretching is always important when taking long and multiple flights because sitting on a cramped seat for several hours is painful. Twist the torso while seated and look behind your shoulders. This will enable you to avoid a stiff neck. When taking the next flight, take time to stretch. Also walk to the bathroom whenever the seatbelt sign goes off.

Entertain Yourself

A simple way to entertain yourself during long and multiple flights is loading up your iPad and iPhone to keep you awake during the day flights. And, don’t forget portable cables and chargers just in case you seat where there is no USB jack. If you are a fun of reading, carry some reading materials too.

Generally, long and multiple flights are not easy on the mind and the body. However, these tips will make your long and multiple flights more bearable.